Quick Veil Style

A has been wearing her hair out in a ponytail quite a lot lately. I needed to do a quick style this weekend because she had a soccer game and I did not want her to be uncomfortable with her hair all out so I decided to do the style we all did in 2009 for our very first style challenge! Anyone remember?

  • I started with dry, stretched hair (from banding). I have also done this style on wet hair.

  • Part the hair from ear to ear. Make 4 large sections in the front and tie them all off with a ponytail holder. As you can see, I chose colors that matched her soccer uniform.

  • You are going to split the two middle sections into two and braid them half way down. Braid one braid with the side sections, again, only half way down.

  • Create two sections behind your middle sections. Take your one braid from the far left (near the left ear) and take your right braid from the right middle section, cross them over into the left back middle section and tie them all into the same ponytail holder.

  • Continue the process of crossing the braids over and tying them off. You should have a total of 8 sections.

  • You will now braid each of your 4 back sections into large single braids about half way down.

  • Cross your middle braided sections and pull them into a ponytail holder. You now have a few options. You can braid both sections down. Twist them. Or just create a couple of cute puffs!