A's Hair Updates

A has been wearing lots of two strand twists, twist outs and just out styles lately. Nothing too special but I wanted to give a quick update. She will be going back to protective styles very soon! :)

Basic two strand twists in the picture above. She had been playing in the water so they are wet. I used Lil Better Butter (review soon).

She wore a high bun (no filler) so the Hispanic Festival. I wrapped the braid with ribbon (came with her outfit) around her bun and pinned it. I used Kinky Curly Curling Custard to slick the bun down.

We met some readers of our blog, aren't they fab?!

I tried a new product in the picture above. I gave her some quick cornrows going half back and she wore a braid out from 4 large braids.

Wearing her hair all out.

This is a twist out using Curls Whipped Cream. I think she had close to 30 twists in overnight for this look,

This is what her twist out looked like when I picked her up (I had to change her for gym). Not too bad but definitely not as defined as it was. I think it had a lot to do with her playing outside and going to gym. I will try this again before our full review.

So there you have it! How has your child been wearing their hair lately?