Crazy Hair Day: Enchanted Garden

It's that time again! Crazy hair day, that is. If you don't remember last years crazy hair day style, check it out here, it was a bird's nest.

I didn't know about crazy hair day until the day before so this was completely last minute. I stole the idea from  this post. I think it turned out pretty good to be a last minute kind of thing. I had to just start throwing flowers in her hair at the end because we were running out of time. I won't be going into detailed instructions but I'll add a few notes.

  • I bought the miniature fence at the craft store in the doll house section. I spray painted the fence white.
  • I hot glued the butterflies and bees to the craft wire
  • I used a strong clear tape to take the back of the fence together. I used tape rather than glue so the fence could bend completely around her bun.
  • I used lots of bobbypins
She loved it and couldn't wait to show her friends!

Here's our starting point. I used one of those stretchy elastic headbands for her ponytail then began twisting small to medium sections of wet hair, rolling the twists and pinning in place.