Elongating Natural Curls With Banding

Last night I washed, detangled and banded A's hair. I parted her hair in three sections, 1 ponytail in the back and two in the front, added a generous amount of my favorite moisturizer, Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer (use our reader discount code: BBBFALL for 10% off!) and loosely banded her hair. I spaced the ponytail holders 1-2 inches apart, I only wrapped each ponytail holder around 2-3 times. The next day I removed the ponytail holders and she still had curls, but much looser than her own. This was completely by accident but I thought her hair looked nice so instead of rebanding I pulled half of it back and viola!

To get this to work on your child's hair, they need to have a definite curl pattern. Band in large sections (2-4) and make sure you space the bands out and don't make them too tight. Also note, when doing this, don't expect for the curls to be perfect and frizz free. Each curl will look different and that's okay. :)

If you don't know what banding is please check out our banding frequently asked questions post.

Being silly.