Little Girls Natural Hairstyles: Twist Out's + Puff with Twisted Bang

Miss A and her cousins. Click pictures to enlarge
Natural hair, it's a beautiful thing on little girls, no? No matter what texture or length.

I told you all on our Facebook page I was going to post more pictures and details of Miss A and her cousins hair so let's get started.

Let's discuss Miss A's older cousins hair first. You saw her Side Cornrows with Two Strand Twists style posted a few days ago and I mentioned we planned on doing a twist out. The day after I styled her hair she came back over so I could remove the twists. I didn't really do anything special other than take the two strand twists out. When doing a twist out, I slowly unravel from the ends and work my way up. As you can see, her twist out turned out fabulous! Very well defined. She really loved it and could not stop admiring herself in the mirror. This was her first ever twist out. 

Moving on to Lil Bit. I posted her Cornrows and Twisted Bangs style the other day as well. For pictures, we decided put her hair up in a high ponytail and gently brush the hair out for a nice round puff. I pulled the twisted bangs to the side and added a bow. How adorable does she look? 

And last, but certainly not least, Miss A! You saw her Two Strand Twists with Braided Roots + High Bun hair style posted about a week ago. She has another EEG this week so I had to go ahead and take the twists down. Her twist out came out beautiful. I like the idea of leaving the braids in at the roots because her roots are the first to puff up when she wears twist outs and braid outs. Another happy girl!

I should have a post up next week on how YOU can get the perfect twist out on any hair type so be on the look out for that.

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